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Strategy and Approach

Client 2

Strong Technical Due Diligence

Our team has technical and operational experience in an immense segment of markets. With a fundamental understanding of physics, engineering, software, and artificial intelligence, Kobol conducts efficient technical due diligence on technology claims and their fit into the marketplace. We identify how long, how much, and risk factors that are at the heart of technical seed investments. 

Client 3

Access to top 1% of deals

Kobol has formed strategic partnerships utilizing a downstream VC pipeline. Our partners are top VCs in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are the co-founders of YouTube, Coinbase, Reddit, Zynga, Paypal, and Twitch. This assures us access to top deal flow, a key differentiator in portfolio construction.    

Client 5

Maintaining Downstream Value 

In addition to top deal flow, a dedicated VC pipeline assures reasonable, downstream value-enriching investments for early-stage investors such as Kobol Fund. Post Series A, we are assured significant value and participation through our efforts as pre-seed partners. 

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